Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the instantaneous translation of the spoken word into readable English text.

CART is often called captioning. This text can be viewed on a notebook computer, television monitor, or large screen allowing everyone to read along and participate.

Broadcast Captioning
With over 20 years of captioning experience, Archive Reporting & Captioning Service, Inc., offers superior broadcast captioning service.

Our highly-skilled captioners utilize the latest technology to transcribe the spoken words of broadcasters in realtime.

Our 24/7 emergency broadcast captioning service helps smaller stations adhere to the current FCC guidelines regarding emergency broadcasting currently in place.

Archive Reporting and Captioning Service
100 N. 10th Street, Harrisburg PA 17101

Complex litigation is our specialty. Our experienced, professionally-trained reporters can meet all of your litigation needs.

Our nationally certified realtime reporters can provide a realtime feed. This feed allows the transcript to be displayed in realtime on an attorney's computer. In addition to receiving the unedited transcript, attorneys can review, mark, scroll, highlight, and annotate testimony as it is spoken. A realtime feed via the internet is also available.

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